Whatever and wherever the spirit takes me..


I’m a bit quixotic — okay, a lot. My father used to tell me that I woke up in a new world every morning. This is true even now in my 50-something years of age. My mother used to tell me that she wondered if they switched me at the hospital where I was born because I was so unlike all the rest of the family members. The good part about being older is that no one worries any longer about my eccentricities or weirdness. I’m an anachronism. So what? Doesn’t matter. I’m curious, still see life as one magnificent journey full of mysterious and magical things awaiting discovery. I have a print of Vincent van Gogh, “Imperial Crown Fritillaria in a Copper Vase,” right by my computer that I get lost in sometimes like a dream. It makes me happy. Knitting makes me happy. Reading takes me away to new places. And then there’s the worldwide internet full of life in pictures and stories.



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